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Chew The Rug is an Australian owned social platform with servers hosted and governed under the Australian law. Covering the world market of social media.

We offer marketing and consulting services for businesses

Social Platform

Chew The Rug offers an independent and

members funded social platform.

We are regulated under Australian law.

Our server data is stored only on Australian servers and we don’t sell your data to anyone.

Learning & Services Platform

Share your knowledge, expertise and business services on our platform.

This allows members to generate an income and learn from each other to grow together.

Why Choose Chew The Rug?

Freedom of speech

You can always voice your opinion without fear of censorship; however, we ask you to treat each other with respect in our online community.

Australian Platform

We are regulated under Australian law. Our server data is stored only on Australian servers.

keeping completely independent in the land of the free Australia away from the Big Tech.

Funded by Members

Nothing is free in this

world, someone must always pay.

We respectfully ask every member to donate this allows us to stay independent and pay for servers and website fees. Our members data

is very safe, and we guarantee that we will never sell your data to any third party.

In case you ever cancel your membership, your data will be deleted completely from our servers. If you decide to re-join, you need to begin from scratch and enter all new data.

Group Moderators

Kevin Martin


Kevin has been instrumental in developing this website. He joined us with extremely high

recommendations from some of Australia’s leading websites.

Kevin is married and has one child.

Jessica Brown


Jessica is an extremely talented Web Designer and works hand in hand with Kevin. She has years of experience as a web designer.

Jessica is married with 2 children.

Mike Hardson


Mike is an excellent photographer and has his own successful photographic business. He joined our group after a strong recommendation from a number of people.

Mike is Single.

Camila Rose


Camila has a Batchelor Degree with distinction, in Business Management and is in charge and responsible for the day to day running of our talented team at our “Chew The Rug” Headquarters.

Camila is Single at the moment.

Courses & Services Platform

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